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Leaving the comfort of one’s home for a nursing home or long-term care facility due to the effects of aging or post hospitalization is never easy nor pleasant. We provide home care services in Calgary on the notion of love and compassion and strive to create a Happy Care Experience each time we care for you or your loved one. Our approach to home health care is built on quality but also personalized and affordable care in order to find the solution that suits your unique family needs. We understand the importance of respecting your cultural & religious backgrounds which is why many of our care-extraordinaires come from various ethnic backgrounds and speak a variety of different languages in order to effectively communicate with you so your home is as comfortable as possible.

Your Care Assessment & Personalized Care Plan

Global  Senior Care will conduct a comprehensive Care assessment to determine what your exact care needs are in order to create your personalized Care plan for your home care needs. Your Care plan will not only provide immediate care service for healthy daily living but also address the overall big picture when it comes to your health and focus on early intervention.

We look after the whole patient, not just the medical problem with the goal to help you live at home safely and avoid unnecessary or premature admission to a hospital or care facility. The assessment is also completed in order to match you with a caregiver who can develop a strong rapport with you in order to deliver the quality care you need to help you embrace & enjoy aging!

Once your Care plan has been created, our Director of Care will coordinate and monitor the care plan in order to provide ongoing support. If your needs change, so will the care plan.

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Our Purpose & Core Values

Our purpose of “Nurturing the human spirit” is the beating heart of what we do and our core values are the soul of Global – Senior Care and deeply rooted in every aspect of our business. These core values impact our company culture, brand, client service and are fundamental beliefs which are our driving force every single day.


Enhance everyone’s quality of life – We will honor our belief of value before profit by not only truly caring for our clients and their loved ones, but striving to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of all people whether they are our clients, employees or complete strangers who are in need half way across the globe.

Generous Love

Build a family spirit through generous love & care Love is not love except when it is generous. We think of love as an action, not just a feeling. Each time we care for our clients, we ask ourselves, am I acting with the most love I can for this person at this moment? Global – Senior Care was started by a family. You are a part of our family.

Get Better

Whenever, where ever, get better… We are committed to improving in all that we do to become better partners for our clients, better employers for our employees and grow as individuals. We believe there is always room for improvement and will look for a better way to care with an open-hearted active response of respect and service.

Extra Mile

Go the extra mile for very client. Every time. No exceptions – We will go the extra mile to ensure each and every client is provided the highest quality of care, is more than satisfied with our services and receives a Happy Care Experience every time they use our services. No exceptions.

About Our Founder

Mina Tabei is the Founder & Managing Partner at Global Senior Care with extensive experience in business management, senior care and non-profit sector. Mina’s passion for senior care began while enrolled in Gerontology courses during the completion of her degree at Simon Fraser University. In pursuit of her interests in the area, Mina volunteered at a long-term care home while conducting research in the field of Dementia & Alzheimer’s care as a part of her studies.

In 2009, Mina’s grandfather in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Mina and her husband witnessed the illness become increasingly severe over time while struggling to find quality and affordable care.

Mina believes seniors should spend their twilight years at home, surrounded by their family, so they can maintain their freedom and dignity. She was inspired to merge her experience in business management, senior care and non-profit sector to utilize her skills in the field of home care as she realized she can make a true difference, not just in the senior’s community in Canada but globally by connecting Global Senior Care with her non-profit efforts. “I wanted an inspiring appeal that showed aging can be enjoyable and graceful while integrating corporate responsibility into our business strategies on a global level.” she says. Mina is driven by two simple philosophies: caring with love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries and doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.